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My name is “Buck” and I have had more jobs in my lifetime than I have room to write here. Often times when driving around town, I will pass a place where I had worked and say, “I worked there for a while during college” or “back in high school I worked there for a few months.” I usually get the same response from my family and friends – “Where haven’t you worked!?”

Our design philosophy is guided by form and functionality.

Some people may say that a Jack of all trades is a master of none, but I don’t buy that. I’ve worked in many trades in order to help pay my way through school. My parents taught me a valuable lesson and that was to work hard, be honest, and good things will happen.

I’ve taken what I’ve learned over my many years in both the service industry and beyond and created some unique course to help people get to how I feel today – Happy, Successful, and Loved. I am using this space to show you what life is like while building and learning.

Get on the BOAT, I know you’ll enjoy the ride! Dan "Buck" Dryzco


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”Oh my. Stop. Go no further. These are lovely trays and lovely finishes. It seems like you could use them for anything. I have one in the kitchen, holding all of the things I need when mailing letters or writing notes. It keeps me organized and it matches the cabinets! What more could you want!"

- wiggiedog

5 out of 5 stars

"This was truly lovely and you should get one for yourself. You'll think it is lovely and more importantly, practical. Such a treat! These are the Etsy shops I LOVE!.

- wiggiedog

a person's  photo of a wooden tray made of mahoganya person's  photo of a wooden tray made of mahogany
a tray holding a coaster and a pair of rocks glassesa tray holding a coaster and a pair of rocks glasses

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